Code of Conduct

As a condition of the licenses and access to the Virtual Casino
granted in the Terms and Conditions, You agree, when You are on the
Virtual Casino and/or playing Games that you will, at all times use
polite and courteous behavior and employ reasonable levels of
social etiquette and temperament during all interactions.

We accept and recognize Your right to freedom of expression during
online communications but must, while using the Virtual Casino
and/or Games, conduct and communicate (โ€œUser Contentโ€) yourself
appropriately towards other players and staff. This means that you
will avoid using illegal, inappropriate or inflammatory words,
comments or phraseology during online Communications either prior
to, during, or after, any online Game session, as determined by us
in our sole discretion.

While the great majority of our online players understand and
adhere to these recognized levels of courtesy and politeness, a
small minority may engage in unacceptable behavior during such
communications (โ€œAbuseโ€). We require that you refrain from Abuse,
whether or not intentionally caused. Abuse shall be determined by
us in our sole discretion and may specifically, without limitation,
constitute any of the following:

  • using foul language or expletives;
  • insulting other players (whether in-Game or not);
  • using words, phrases, images, pictures or text that is or
    may be deemed to be illegal, obscene, racist, sexist,
    defamatory, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable; and/or
  • employing or displaying sexual images, language or words or
    suggesting inappropriate behavior.

You understand, however, that by accessing the Virtual Casinos that
You may be subject to Abuse including, but not limited to,
offensive, indecent, or objectionable communications, conduct
and/or content. User Content is not reviewed by Happy Casino prior
to posting and does not reflect the opinions or policies of Happy
Casino or Design Works Studios, LLC. We assume no responsibility
for monitoring the Virtual Casinos for inappropriate User Content
or protecting You from any Abuse, but reserve the right to do so.
If we decide, in our sole discretion, to monitor the communication,
content, or conduct of users on the Virtual Casinos, we nonetheless
assume no responsibility for content posted by third parties and we
have no obligation to prohibit any Abuse or remove any content and
we assume no responsibility or obligations for the conduct of
others using the Virtual Casinos.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we shall have the right at any time
and for any reason to remove any User Content in our sole
discretion. You agree that You will evaluate and assume all risks
associated with User Content including regarding the accuracy,
completeness, or usefulness of such User Content.

In addition, we strongly recommend to our players that they withhold
and do not disclose their email addresses or other specific personal
identifying information from or to other players at all times in order
to avoid the risk of onward distribution or publication of these to
unauthorized companies or persons. We will not release email addresses
to unauthorized third parties unless required to do so by law or
regulation and we request that our players extend that privilege to
each other. However, we shall not be liable for, and You hereby waive
and release Happy Casino and Design Works Studios, LLC for, from and
against any claims, damages, injuries, losses or causes of action
arising or resulting from any Abuse and/or release of personal or
identifying information.

Compliance with our Code of Conduct is mandatory for all Happy Casino
players who have accepted our Terms and Conditions for using and
accessing the Virtual Casino and playing the Games. Failing to comply
with this Code of Conduct may result in the suspension and/or
termination of Your user account. Suspended accounts and users may be
re-activated at our discretion.